also turning you into a party center teeth in Vietnam

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also turning you into a party center teeth in Vietnam, grow up incorrectly or grow deviated when the child’s teeth are broken and lost early. Permanent teeth that grow irregularly will cause damage to the bite joint causing the bite to be misaligned, affecting the chewing ability as well as the aesthetics of the teeth, which can lead to jaw and facial deflection. In this case, the parents want to know whether the broken tooth should be spit or not, then the baby should go to the hospital or dental clinic prestige face to see the doctor and the best treatment. If the tooth is broken little without affecting the pulp can be filled again, but if the tooth pulp is affected, the need to treat the degree of failure of the pulp. To make your child healthy, healthy and beautiful, please take care of your baby’s teeth at a young age, guide the child’s oral hygiene and after every meal!

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Causes of Periodontal Disease:

The main cause of periodontal disease is poor oral hygiene conditions that allow food particles to stick around the teeth and teeth. Bacteria accumulated in unhealthy long-term plaque will cause gingivitis. Over time, plaque builds up to form tartar or tartar. Then, the gingival inflammation will be more severe, the disease transition to periodontitis. It will progress very quickly if your body does not have good resistance. Saigon Vietnam dental implants

Signs of Periodontal Disease Gums bleeding when brushing. Gingivitis is red, easily bleeding.

The teeth in the teeth breath is smelly. When pressing on the gums, pus will be seen. When chewing is not normal. The teeth are loose. Teeth move and spit out. How does the disease evolve?

Usually when the gums are swollen and self-falling as the patient thinks that the disease heal itself, so not much attention, if the patient does not treat in time, the tissue support layer, the ligament will be destroyed. , tooth decay causes teeth to shake and eventually lead to tooth loss even if intact, not worm.

What are the effects of periodontal disease?

In addition to destroying the supporting tissues around the teeth, dislodging the alveolar bone, causing tooth decay, periodontal disease also causes bad breath to make the person lose confidence in communication, isolated in life. . In addition, the disease also causes complications such as pain in the temples, causing difficulties for patients in eating, causing stomach pain in people with periodontal disease. vietnam dentist prices

Periodontal disease is more common but difficult to detect because symptoms are often overlooked by the patient. Untreated periodontitis can lead to tooth loss and inflammation.