a beautiful girl showbiz and had happy teeth in Vietnam

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a beautiful girl showbiz and had happy teeth in Vietnam, of cold chewing gum, hard candy, grinding teeth or eating too much or too cold food. One of the most painful cases is scabs that plug into soft tissues in the oral cavity, causing ulcers. This aching sensation is soon removed when you come to the dental clinic to pick them up. If it is a small piece of teeth, it will sometimes come loose and the ulcer will heal. If they cause a lot of pain or impact, you need to get support from a dentist. It may be formed when the body interacts with something that is not appropriate or because you bite in the tongue leaving small swelling spots. Healthy jaw bone, hard bone, no damage, jaw bone is preserved intact. Bone size enough, no infection at the implant area but most implants implant patients rarely meet the standard bone jaw. The following cases need to be implanted to ensure that the implant is successful.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho How do you do when lose adjacent teeth

Losing 5 adjacent teeth, how to overcome the best?

In case of missing teeth can be overcome in three ways is to engage in implants, dental implant and bridge. However, the removal function is usually not very high and applies to the case of tooth loss is the main function. vietnam dentist prices

In the meantime, bridging is basically only possible when the teeth on both sides of the tooth are healthy to support the bridge. If there are not enough adjacent teeth or too many adjacent teeth at a time, this method does not work. In case of loss of 5 adjacent teeth, it is not recommended to use this method when at least two teeth need to be grinded to make a support. This is almost impossible.

Implant implants can be applied in this case, but the only drawback is that the cost is too high for many implants and not everyone has the financial means to do so. Therefore, the best solution to combine implants and dental implants is to implant 2-3 implants on the jaw and the other two teeth will be bridged based on the implanted dental crown.

Basically this method creates two values ​​that reduce the maximum cost of planting and provide a high degree of durability for dentures. Two implant teeth will replace the two tooth head and the last tooth lost in the chain of 5 teeth. The implant head acts as a sharpened crown to support the bridge placed on top. With restorations of 2-3 teeth by the bridge, it takes 5-6 real teeth to cast immediately into the bridges on the implant pier.

With the loss of this tooth, you can eat good chewing without feeling uncomfortable. The effectiveness of dentures can last up to 15-20 years, even longer without recovery. Especially if you are done with 5D CT implant technology and implant 4S, the effect of dentures is maximized. Saigon Vietnam dental implants

The latest technology is recommended by the International Dental Federation if you want to increase the durability of dentures. The new technology allows the integration of implant into the jaw bone without any discrepancy or elimination. Porcelain crowns also have the maximum durability, fitted closely with the gingival or toothed crown. The duration of denture planting is also shortened to the maximum, especially can be shortened to 3-4 weeks placing implants.