I don’t dare to reveal much but that teeth in Vietnam

I don’t dare to reveal much but that teeth in Vietnam, the chewing force will be reduced and it is not possible to crush the food completely as if the teeth were still full. Difficult to eat chewing food, the digestive system must work more, easily lead to stomach pain, colitis … Some people lose more teeth at the same time forced to choose soft food, Do not eat hard food because it can cause pain or damage to lost teeth. This also limits the nutritional content of the daily diet, affecting the psychological well-being of both physical and mental health. Chewing force affects the teeth and jaw, helping to maintain bone density. But if the tooth is lost, the force that is responsible for maintaining the bone density is lost, causing the bone to degenerate, reducing its size. Therefore, if the bone root decay is easy to lead to bone loss

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Why are teeth deviated?

First, let’s talk about genetics. vietnam dentist prices

Often in a family with a parent, the ancestor has a small jaw, and the teeth are too large or vice versa. There is a size imbalance between the teeth and the jaw that makes it impossible for the teeth to be placed neatly over the jaw.

Due to some bad oral habits in young children such as finger sucking, lip sucking and lip biting, tongue thrust, oral breathing habit …;

Due to premature loss of teeth, permanent teeth have no guidance and may lead to deviation; Poor nutrition can affect the development of the jaw.

Age appropriate to adjust the teeth Saigon Vietnam dental implants

Currently, many parents take their children to the facial teeth in the hospital for examination because the teeth are growing, growing crowded and wondered whether to correct the teeth when the baby. Baby has not replaced all teeth or not.

The best time to treat orthodontic treatment is when permanent teeth are born (10-12 years old). At this age, the jaw bone is growing, which is very convenient for expanding and rearranging the teeth.

In order to make the correct dentistry work perfectly and without many obstacles later, from the beginning of the tooth replacement (6-7 years), the child should go for oral examination regularly to be able to perform. Make timely preventive and preventive dentistry. cấy ghép implant ở đâu tốt nhất

Preventive dental implantation should be performed very soon at the beginning of permanent teeth replacement (6 to 7 years) to make the permanent teeth grow evenly and evenly. At age, all teeth (about 12 years old) have become easier and more effective.

Early treatment results in optimal results

Early treatment – treatment in the period of developmental problems in the child is expected to occur, but has not yet caused serious consequences, has been proven to have many advantages.

Many cases of patients come to orthodontic demand when the growth has been completed, doctors are required to extract the teeth to be able to correct the teeth regularly, or reduce the patient’s chorus; Provides an opportunity to correct any clinically significant bone defect. If, to the point where the child is older, no longer growing, it cannot be treated with pure orthodontics, but must be surgically treated. complex and expensive to get a perfect result.

And more importantly, early treatment will help save money and reduce the time to carry braces on the entire dental supply later.

And one more important thing is that the problem of early teeth is resolved, not progressing to serious tooth defects later on. cấy răng implant