thanks to the strange appearance, scary smile teeth in Vietnam

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thanks to the strange appearance, scary smile teeth in Vietnam. The introduction of the porcelain dental coating resolves tooth decay and prevents complications from porcelain crowns. Ceramic porcelain combining technology with technology and smile design art smile e Styles 4D brings optimal aesthetic effect, ensuring maximum safety for oral health with the following advantages: No teeth whitening, preserving 100% root, protecting teeth from invasion. Use Biocell Biocide for safe gums. Coritec machine for precision teeth, precision aesthetic. Porcelain material, safe for oral health. With the advantages, the technology of porcelain aesthetic evaluation is “excellent” than the old porcelain dental technology. What is the effect of porcelain crowns? Does the porcelain tooth have blackened the gums? Consumers are allowed to preview the results of the restoration, select the appropriate teeth face thanks to 3D software shooting smile design.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Basic Understanding of Mouth teeth

Rhabdomyolysis is a benign disease, which can be self-healing for a period of time and does not leave scarring or sequelae. However, if the disease progresses, it will cause inflammation, long-term infection and even high fever.

Causes heat to the mouth Saigon Vietnam dental implants
Stress, prolonged stress, eating hot spicy foods, virus infection, deterioration of liver function detoxification or internal secretion disorders are the main causes of oral heat.

How to treat mouth heat
If the disease is mild, can be treated by simple measures or some folk tips such as:

Drink plenty of water, cassava flour or cheeks, corn stalks to cool,

Eat lots of green leafy vegetables or cabbage; drink orange juice, lemon,

Apply honey to inflammation to avoid dehydration, antiseptic and regeneration of new tissue,

Dipping tomato juice or chewing raw tomatoes also helps reduce swelling,

Watermelon leaves, mixed with honey and dots on the wound, several times a day will help the disease out,

Green tea is one of the special formulas recommended to prevent oral heat as the antioxidant activity in green tea prevents the growth of bacteria,

In addition, you should ensure a reasonable diet, limited spicy spices such as chili, garlic, ginger, pepper, non-hygienic foods such as shrimp sauce, fish sauce … and mandarin It is important to keep oral hygiene, rinse mouth with bactericidal or saline after eating. vietnam dentist prices

When you have mouth heat, the use of KIN mouthwash will help heal the wound quickly and at the same time kill or prevent infection, helping mouth heat to not spread and faster.

If the disease is severe, the inflammation is widespread, then you should see a dentist for the best treatment.