relax at a sidewalk cafe or night club teeth in Vietnam

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relax at a sidewalk cafe or night club teeth in Vietnam, to be inserted into the teeth, into the area of dental porcelain, leading to bad breath and other dental diseases such as tooth decay, gingivitis, periodontitis. Cover the porcelain teeth open to affect the sense and ability to eat chewing gum teeth easily hot. The porcelain teeth are opened causing the life of the tooth is reduced. Where is the porcelain crown exposed? Although the porcelain crowded condition is quite common but not everyone knows the reason why. The main reasons are due to the following issues. When the gums are down, the teeth feel as long as the nature of the defect. Loss of cause is relatively common risk that first is to create a feeling of chewing food when root teeth are not covered by any hidden.

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Teeth whitening is a very popular method of teeth whitening, but not all cases are qualified and effective.

  1. Up to 5% of cases will not be eligible for teeth whitening. Saigon Vietnam dental implants
  2. In cases where teeth infected with Tetracyline color and fluoride infection are very heavy, or inferior colored teeth, do not intentionally perform bleaching. Customers should choose the method of dental porcelain for optimal efficiency.
  3. Should wait at least 2 weeks after the teeth whitening, new cosmetic procedures such as filling fillings, or porcelain crowns. This is the time to balance the water and teeth again. At the same time, the amount of residual peroxide escaped from the teeth and does not affect the adhesive strength of the dedicated glue system.
  4. In the bleaching process, less calcium can be whiter than other teeth. At the end of the course, the color of the teeth will return to normal, consistent after the water balance of the teeth
  5. Customers absolutely do not smoke while wearing a tooth whitening tray, as carcinogen in cigarette smoke prevents whitening.
  6. Fake dentures, porcelain teeth, fillings will not be whiter after whitening.  All on four dental implants price in Vietnam
  7. In fact, no study has confirmed the harmful effects of teeth whitening gel for pregnant women. But for complete peace of mind, pregnant women should not bleach teeth.
  8. The response during whitening will vary depending on the structure of the teeth and the response level of each person. The dentist can not totally agree on the whiteness of the teeth.

Recent statistics show that 95% of the population responds very well to the composition of the bleaching gel and attain the desired color. Left 5% unlucky not able to meet or respond very slowly.

  1. The question most asked of the customers is, “How long is white?”, “How long is white?” This will depend on the enamel and the enamel of each person. But most teeth color will stabilize after 2 weeks of bleaching, lasting for 6 months to 1 year. And decrease over time, but will always be whiter than the color of the teeth before bleaching. Some cases hold the color for 3 to 4 years. vietnam dentist prices
  2. For normal teeth whitening, 7-9 days, the customer will achieve the desired tooth color.